0503 Silicone Moisturizing Feet Socks Gel (1 pair)


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Moisturizing Socks

Foot Health - Complex and Vital Body Parts Healthy Feet are Vital for Mobility.

Gel Spa Socks for Repairing

Features of Kris-kikomy Moisturizing Gel Socks:

Super Soft Cotton Exterior and Thermoplastic Infused Gel Lining For Maximum Effect for Your Whole Foot.

Olive oil, plant essential oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil inside the moisturizing gel Socks continually restore dry, rough skin.

Softens and soothes dry skin, treats heel cracks and prevents skin chapping, Get smoother, softer, younger looking feet.

gel socks for women feet

moisturizing foot socks

moisturizing foot socks

Rs. 115.00 + GST

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