1215 Mini Portable Electronic Hair Straightener and Curler


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Mini Portable Electronic Hair Straightener and Curler

This hair straightener from gives you salon-like sleek and straight hair without having to put them through blow-drying, that in many instances, absorbs moisture from your hair strands. Use this straightening rod instead and style your hair from wet to dry and frizzy to straight, in a matter of a few minutes. Quick operation you don't have to plug this straightener into the power socket hours or minutes before using it, as it has a quick heat up time of seconds only. Customised operation you can operate this device at four different levels of temperatures. The long swivel cord ensures flexibility as well as ease and comfort while using this appliance. Safety there is an indicator that signals whether the device is on/off. The device also shuts off automatically when the plates are heated to the desired temperature. 

 Product Features :


The hair styling wand can give you any desired hairstyle. It smoothly glides through the hair strands giving it a straight and shiny look. It can also curl your hair length to make luscious and wavy locks in minutes.


The straightener has a swivel cord allowing you to use it freely without pulling it out from the power plug. It also ensures comfortable movements allowing you to style your hair without any distress.


This styler provides the right heat for all hair types. It has a high operating temperature. This feature makes it easier to straighten or curl your tresses in one quick stroke and leave you with smooth and bouncy hair.


This is a compact and conveniently sized grooming tool designed for ease of use. They are perfect for travelling and portable enough allowing you to use it anytime anywhere for quick touch ups. You can just look beautiful wherever you go.


The straightener is provided with a heat protective cap to prevent accidental heat burns. It keeps the straightener from emanating too much heat. Also, it can be stored easily while you are busy dressing up.

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