1463 Khujli Stick Plastic Back Body Itch Scratcher Rod and Massage Stick


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Rs. 29.00+ GST Rs. 9.00 + GST

?? Plastic Itching Stick Back Massager Back Scratcher, khujli stick ?? 

Gives Instant relief from back itching with easy efforts
This back scratching / massaging stick keeps your back itching free in less efforts.

?? Plastic Heads for Harm free scratching
This scratching stick comes with plastic heads that gives you more relief without harming your back, it is made with genuine plastic material which is non-toxic plastic. Also it plastic heads made in perfect shape that more convenient.

?? Long Handle
This back massage stick comes with Long Handle that Easily reach to your whole back without more bending your hand. It can be more useful for senior people who can massage their back with themselves.

?? Features
? Plastic Head (No harm to body)
? Long Steel Handle
? Removable Head
? Perfect in Shape

Rs. 9.00 + GST

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