1772 Smart Finger Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter


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USB Touch Sensing Cigarette Lighter (Multi Color)

Model: 1772_USB_S2_Lighter

Economic & Eco-Friendly
build-in rechargeable lithium battery, usb rechargeable electronic lighter,no gas or butane required,no more refilling,save you money,clean and convenient. About 2 hours full charged. There are obvious current voice when using,fashion and cool lighter.

windproof and flameless, usb rechargeable arc lighter,not just for cigarettes,also it is a perfect outdoor lighter,camping fire starter tool,an emergency fire starter tool,survival gear and more.

Fast ignition
efficient coil ,heat up soon to ignite as soon as you slide the cover,durable for using

Convenient & Durable
come with a thick lanyard for better carrying during camping,hiking or other outdoor adventure. high-quality material,durable. This lighter is your best choice when you go camping,travelling,survival tactical or hiking,arc lighter waterproof. Safe and easy to use, lights at the click of a button.

especially great on beach or outside in the wind, works well in any conditions. LED illumination light:very useful in dark ,key chains to hang . Tiny,

Cute and Cool
handy, easy for keeping in pocket.Great presents for yourself or friends. really cool . you are the focus in the crowd when it is in your hand.

Uses intense heat to light cigarettes.
For lighting up regular cigarettes only, does not product any flame.
Safe and easy to use, coil heats up when sliding opening the cover.
Can be used while heavy wind blowing
Rechargeable USB Smart Electronic Cigarette Lighter Easy to carry pocket size lighter Flameless and Environment Friendly

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