3158 650 Watt Electric Air Blower for Cleaning Dust at Home, Office, Car


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Rs. 1,599.00+ GST Rs. 783.00 + GST
Material: Nylon body, Color: Green; Power Input: 650 W; No Load Speed: 13000 Rpm; Air Flow rate: 2.3 m3/min; Weight: 1.5 Kg

The COPPER WINDING motor provides power up to 13000 rpm, keeps running for more duration at top speed. It's easy to blow up snow on your car, wet leaves, garage floor, sidewalks, clear dust from computers, and sawdust, make your garden keep clean after a rainy day, electrical gadgets, kitchen appliances, side of beds, windows, and any difficult corner of the house where cleaning with a wet mop is near to impossible.

APPLICATIONS: They have applications in a number of industries and in homes. For drying and cleaning cars flushing out the filter of the vacuum cleaner and aerating the mattress, this is a very handy tool to have around a home.
The blower has a comfortable grip and can be carried around for long periods due to its weight and design. This tool has a power optimization feature that reduces power consumption during no-load operation.

Note: Change carbon brush regularly to avoid damage to the motor Package Contents: 1 AIR BLOWER with NOZZLE & 1 MANUAL
Rs. 783.00 + GST

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