3324 Premium 5 Layer Pants Clothes Hanger Wardrobe Storage Organizer Rack - Multicolor


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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLOSET ORGANIZER: SaiEllin hanger for wardrobe is an essential purchase for home organization or to pack in your travel belongings, hangs up to 10 pieces by one hanger. 5X Space-saving than normal hangers keep your clothes neat and tidy in your bedroom closet. It can also help to collect 10 clothes at a time, which can save you lots of time, make your life more convenient and comfortable also our hangers used at home to keep dress, shirts, shorts and suits and many more
  • 5 LAYER SPACE SAVING WARDROBE ESSENTIAL: A tiny wardrobe can often equal a huge disorganised mess. If you want to organise your tiny wardrobe grab our SaiEllin Multi-Functional Clothes Hanger which comes with 5 layers in one hanger. These amazing space saver hangers give you more space to organise your wardrobe to fill up your closet. Due to their compact design, you can fit in more of your clothing!
  • DURABLE WITH GOOD QUALITY PLASTIC MATERIAL: Saiellin Multi-Functional Clothes Hanger is made of good quality PP plastic material which makes it more durable for the long run, its flexible surface safeguards it from breaking or cracking while in use. Its smooth finish allows for a comfortable grip for you and for your clothing too.
  • PERFECT DIMENSIONS TO CHOOSE: Each hanger measures 32L x 31H x 5W cm making them the ideal size for every closet. This perfect size of hanger makes you easy to hang more than one cloth in each layer more comfortably. The single hanger comprises as many as clothes your wardrobe shelves can store
  • KEEP YOUR CLOTHES LESS CRUMBLED & NO WRINKLED: No need to hassle to keep your ironed clothes without crumble, just you need to hang the clothes on our multilayered hanger and keep your clothes without wrinkle
Rs. 18.00 + GST

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