3382 Blackboard Erasable Wall Sticker Chalkboard Sticker Removable Blackboard Wall Stickers Mural for Kids Room


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Product Description


Get your vinyl chalkboard sticker roll today with 5 sticks of regular chalk!

Brainstorm, collaborate and communicate with House of Quirk's self-adhesive blackboard sticker, a perfect way to let your kid’s creativity shine out. This blackboard sticker can be widely used in home, office, school or store,as a projector curtain wall, children’s drawing board, message board etc. It offers a large writing space and is very easy to install. Also, makes an ideal gifting option that immediately takes one back to school.

Product Highlights

  • Fun and creative
  • Highly durable
  • Simple Installation
  • Made of premium quality vinyl
  • Only intended to stick on even surfaces





Promotes Education

THR3E STROKES Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker Black board is an ideal way to promote education in classrooms or even in your house, in a creative manner that makes learning actually fun and interesting. Perfect way to teach your children with some fun.

Wide scope application:

1.Choose a totally smooth surface that is clean and free of dust and moisture. You may use a damp clothes clean thoroughly the applying smooth surface.

2.Peel off the backing paper from a corner, stick to the desired surface, use a soft cloth to squeegee out air bubble when peeling off the paper.

3.If you feel it is hard to clean off the chalk,please try to use a wet cloth to clean off it.

Excellent Quality

Made of high-quality vinyl, the chalkboard is Dustproof, Waterproof and Oil proof. Offers great durability for a longer lasting use. Easy to clean by simply using a damp cloth.




Easy and simple application:


  • Lay it flat before application
  • Cut to your desired shape and size
  • Peel the paper off of the backing vinyl
  • Apply to your desired surface
  • Smooth out the air bubble
  • Don't apply to any Textured, Rough and Uneven Wall Surface, which will weaken the adhesive strength.



Let your creativity loose

Allow your creativity to flow with THR3E STROKES Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker White Board that provides a place to doodle, paint and experiment with stickers. With this artistic canvas, you can almost do anything as long as you have an idea.

Rs. 119.00 + GST

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