3486 Stainless Steel Rectangular Fruit Vegetable Stariner Basket


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This strainer's fine mesh sifting basket makes it ideal for washing fruits and vegetables, and it can also be used to strain hot pasta, rice, and grains, as well as thick or thin wet components like sauces, lumpy gravy, and soups.
Stainless steel sink filter strainer hygienic products and can be used with confidence.
The holes in this colander say steel sink strainer are small enough that you can strain most beans, pastas, and grains as well as fruits and vegetables without any worries.
You'll be impressed with the quality of the heavy duty steel water draining basket bowl
High quality steel Mesh Strainer for a colander that is thicker and more durable than any colander you’ve ever had. Easy cleanup - just run it through the dishwasher.

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