3519 Silver Flask, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated (1000 ML)


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  • Drinks Remain Hot/Cold 24+ hours – Its Triply Vacuum Technology keeps drinks hot/cold for 24+ hours. Non-Corrosive & Durable – It is made of high-quality Stainless Steel that does not corrode & is long lasting.
  • Easy to Handle – Its vacuum insulation makes it easy to handle & pour drinks from. Eco-Friendly – It has a BPA-free detachable lid & is reusable; thus eco-friendly & safe to drink from.
  • Leak-Proof – Carry it everywhere without worrying about leakage. Single Hand Pouring – Its design makes it easy to pour hot/cold drinks.
  • Sweat Free – Its lab-tested vacuum insulation technology makes it sweat free with zero condensation to make sure your hands stay dry. 100% Safe . Odorless – Does not retain odors if flask is rinsed after every use.
  • Easy to Clean & Fill– Its wide opening makes it easy to clean and fill. Easy-Detachable Lid – The lid is detachable, leak-proof & always locks into place when closing the carafe! Complies with BIS (IS 17526: 2021) & International Standards (EN 12546) Made in India



Rs. 814.00 + GST

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