3997 Nonstick Flat Base Dosa Tawa - 2.2 Thickness


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Nonstick Flat Base Dosa Tawa with Cooking Spoon & Scrubber - 2.2 Thickness

Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa by Nirlon - Grab the Pan, Earn the Health!
Your pan heats up quickly and cooks your food more evenly. It also ensures non-stick cooking which makes it perfect for any dish with less oil
2.6mm Thick Aluminium Body: Durable Flat Tawa that heats up quickly and uniformly
Its handle made of Bakelite: Cool touch handle that does not become loose over time
It is easy to clean and maintain, even with everyday usage. Pack contents: 1-Piece Non-Stick FLAT TAWA 43cm/17Inch) Environment Friendly.

Rs. 239.00 + GST

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