3976 Easy Clip Mop 9 Inch for Cleaning


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Cotton mop Clip-o-fit Cotton mop Refill is a replacement mop head for a floor mop. It is made of cotton and is designed to fit the Clip-o-fit mop handle. The refill can be easily attached to the handle and is ready to use for cleaning floors. The cotton material is absorbent and can effectively pick up dirt and debris from floors. It is a cost-effective solution for keeping your mop in good working condition and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment

For Quick & Easy Cleaning
These mop heads are designed with super absorbent microfiber strands that are perfect for mopping without leaving a sloppy mess. The lightweight strands also serve as a great tool when dry to quickly and easily rid your floors of dust and dirt

High-Quality Material
It is made with a high-absorbency cotton material that can be used to clean any wet or dry situations that you may find yourself in with ease. This product is made from high-grade material which ensures long-lasting life
Rs. 60.00 + GST

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