0056 Bird Fruit Fork


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Rs. 49.00+ GST Rs. 12.00 + GST
  • Birdie fruit fork set is a brightly coloured stand shaped like a tree with branches, which has six slots for the forks to be placed in. These forks are highly useful in eating cut fruits and fruit salads
  • Creative plastic bird shape fruit fork can be used to enjoy fruit and desert,which is ideal for decorating homes, creating comfortable and pleasant home atmosphere! In addition to make fruit, also can do it on our dinner table decoration.
  • Made from 100% food-grade recyclable plastic Brightly coloured so you don't mix forks. Attractive fork Fancy bird for for children
  • Stunning designs gives your dining table a unique tableware look.
  • Color: Multi-colour, Material: Plastic Package Contents: 1-Piece Stand and 6-Pieces Fork. Pack of 1
Rs. 12.00 + GST

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