6112S Menstrual Cup for Women Foldable Small Size Reusable, Ultra Soft, Odour and Rash Free 100% Medical Grade Silicone No Leakage Protection for Up to 8-10 Hours FDA Approved


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  • A BETTER PERIOD: Enjoy the Bliss of Worry Free Periods with No Interruptions. Cup Is a Reusable Period Cup Providing a Better, More Comfortable Way to Experience Your Monthly Flow. You Can Wear for Up to 12 Consecutive Hours Without Any Sensation, Leaks, or Discomfort.
  • AVAILABLE IN ALL 3 SIZES: Small size is for first time users, teenagers and those who haven’t given birth. Medium size is for those 25-35 years of age, with usual to heavy flow and have given birth. Large size is for those 35 years of age and above, with heavier than usual flow and have given birth.
  • NO ODOUR & INFECTION: Say no to odour with easy-to-use menstrual cup. Made with medical-grade silicone, the cups do not release any odour like other sanitary products, hence saving you from the embarrassment. Also, it doesn't absorb the blood, but collects it, diminishing any chances of infections.
  • MENSTRUAL CUP WASH: Menstrual Cup Wash is specifically formulated with mild surfactants to thoroughly clean your cup, while protecting it and your skin from residue or irritants. Made using only premium ingredients, the wash cleanses and sanitizes your menstrual cup, while saving its silicone from degrading.
  • PERIOD FREEDOM: This Reusable silicone cup that collects your monthly discharge or menstrual flow. Inserted similar to a tampon, Cup sits in the vaginal canal comfortably with no odor, leaks or risk of TSS. Easy removal and leak-free periods means no period blood stains! Also works as a conception cup!

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