3496 Tulips Facial/Car Tissue Paper, Super Soft & Pure, 100 Pulls x 2 Ply


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Tulips Facial Dry Tissues are a handy solution to keep yourself clean and maintain your personal hygiene. They are made to be strong, resilient and highly absorbent. These tissues are crafted with two ply layers of virgin pulp. They have a silky soft texture to offer a gentle usage experience.





Super Absorbent

These facial tissues are highly absorbent. They can wick away excess moisture, sweat, or oil in an instant. They can leave your skin feeling smooth and clean.

Super Soft

The tissues are gentle when used over the skin as they have a silky soft texture. They do not cause any rashes or irritation when used to cleanse or wipe the skin.

Made from Virgin Pulp

These tissues are made of virgin pulp. Hence, they are safe and suitable even for the sensitive skin types. They are ideal for personal hygiene, wiping dirt and face care.


Multiple Colour Option

These tissues are an ideal choice for offices, homes, restrooms, and other spaces. They are provided in four vibrant variety of colours. They are strong and come packed in travel friendly packages.


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