0547 Tire Valve Stem Caps for Car ( 4 Pcs )


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Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps

  • High quality ABS material, long practical life.
  • Made of a large amount of phosphor, it stores a lot of light and shines longer.
  • Light-storing material, absorbs light when there is light, and emits light when it is dark.
  • Self-luminous, no need for electronics, beautiful and protective two-in-one.
  • Double layers inside and out to create a beautiful atmosphere in one go.
  • Suitable for vacuum tire valve cap replacement upgrade.

Universal Fluorescent Tire Valve Caps

  • Made of high quality ABS material, light and compact, self-luminous at night, no electronics needed.
  • It can protect the original car valve and prevent air leakage.
  • This plastic valve glow in the dark night and is eye-catching. It is your focus,that is Weird and interesting.

Glow in The Dark Valve Stem Caps

Fluorescent Tire Valve Cap


Universal Fluorescent Luminous Car Tire Valve Caps Easy installation without tools. Simply screw it onto the tire valve stem. It?s easy to install or remove when you want to check air pressure

Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps

Rs. 18.00 + GST

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