0617 Portable Non Spill Feeding Toddler Gyro Bowl 360 Degree Rotating Dish


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  • ūüć≤ SPILL RESISTANT BOWLS FOR KIDS: If you are looking for an easy solution to stop kids from spilling their food, then CheemZ Baby Gyro bowl is the perfect solution. 360 rotational bowl for toddlers always remains upright with a lid covering dry food inside and avoid spilling. It is easy to hold with three handles. NOTE: Food can still be spilt out from the bowl if shook too aggressively
  • ūüć≤ ATTRACT KIDS TO EAT GOOD: Kids love to eat in colourful and attractive bowls and snack catchers. Saturn design of gyro bowl increases kids eating with joy. Now! No more running after kid, once you have CheemZ gyro bowl.
  • ūüć≤ DURABLE AND SAFE TO USE: Premium quality pure food grade PP material, absolutely safe for your kids‚Äô daily use. Spill-resistance bowls with lids can be used for more than a year, it is very durable.
  • ūüć≤ EASY CLEANING AND QUICK DRY: CheemZ baby bowl design is super creative. It takes less than a minute to clean it. A little scrubbing and a single wash with water will clean up the Magic gyro bowl. You can even detach the bowl to clean. Refer to attach video on how to dismantle and assemble CheemZ Gyro Bowl
  • ūüć≤ DETACHABLE PARTS: If you receive our gyro bowl detached in parts, don‚Äôt worry as it is detachable and you can easily reassemble it in seconds. Spill-resistance toddler bowls are easily detachable and reassemble for usage. Kindly refer to the video for instructions.
  • ūüć≤PARENT WILL VALUE THESE GIFTS: Our gyro bowl, baby feeding set, and baby utensils are not only colorful and user-friendly but also sturdier than plastic. They make for a thoughtful and appreciated present for those raising or anticipating the arrival of babies and toddlers!
    Rs. 41.00 + GST

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