2492 Stainless Steel Colander Basket


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Stainless steel colander basket

basket / strainers are specially designed and manufactured under quality control manufacturing unit. They are made from food grade stainless steel and bpa free. Strong and sturdy built made for daily work and durable. The holes in this colander are small enough that you can strain most beans, pasts and grains as well as fruits and vegetable without any worries

features :

this basket comes with both side handles and made of high quality stainless steel wire mesh, it can be used as sieve and store vegetables or fruits, washing pulse, rice and other kind of things
robust and elegant ergonomic design, perfect for everyday use at home.
A big improvement over both old-fashioned colanders with gaping holes and mesh colanders. They drain fast and won’t clog up with food.
Stainless steel kitchen strainer/fruit/vegetable mesh basket is made of high quality stainless steel. It is multipurpose tool and perfect for both home and commercial kitchen.
Physical dimension

volu. Weight (gm) :- 784

product weight (gm) :- 255

ship weight (gm) :- 784

length (cm) :- 22

breadth (cm) :- 22

height (cm) :- 8

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