2565 Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Anti-Scald Plate Take Bowl Dish Pot Holder


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 Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Anti-Scald Plate Take Bowl Dish Pot Holder Sansi/Chimta/Pincer Utensil Holder Carrier Clamp Clip Handle 

 Multifunctional Usage: Suitable for clipping bowls, dishes, plates, pot etc. from microwave oven or steam pot.

 The sleek design handles ensure a good grip, while the wide and flat heads are ideally designed can be used for holding any hot utensil easily . The handle is made of silica gel, won't hurt your hands when cooking.

 Perfect to use for cooking; This beautiful designed smart kitchen with     Two holds makes a great addition to your range of bar accessories ,   Kitchen accessories etc.


 Great for take a very hot dish, plate or bowl from container, such as from   electric cooker.
 Durable: Strong ABS plastic handle and anti-skid.
 Lightweight: About 130g weight and 6.70 Inches long, compact and   portable.
 Feel comfortable, flexible operation. Simple one-handed use.
 Stainless steel tong head with silicone, rust resistant, and heavy bearing   capacity.


Suitable for holding pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.
Protect your hands and fingers from getting hurt with hot pots and pans.
With design of protection in the head to avoid that the surfaces of the kitchen utensils are scratched.
Type: Bowl Clip
Material: Stainless Steel with Plastics Handle; High Quality Material, Non corrosive, Strong, Durable, Long lasting, Sturdy.
Features: Heat Resistant, Anti-hot, Multifunction Use

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