3267 Blade Food Chopper Manual Hand-Press Vegetable Chopper Mixer Cutter (800ml)


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anual Hand-Press BPA Free Stainless Steel Blade Chopper Food, Vegetable & Fruits Chopper, Cutter, Slicer - 1100 ml

This compact kitchen appliance is designed to help cut down your kitchen chores. A simple pull of the rope in this Handy Vegetable and Fruit Chopper cuts food items down into small pieces. The chopper’s tough body can withstand being put into the dishwasher.

Durable Design, A Convenient Usage Made of ABS plastic, this chopper is sturdy and durable. It does not require electricity to be in use. Chop Fruits and Vegetables This chopper uses its three stainless steel blades and relies on a unique string function to chop fruits and vegetables with ease.

Easy to Use Get things started by putting the blade in the centre of the bowl. Cut vegetables or fruits to medium size before putting them into this bowl to avoid jamming the blades.This manual food chopper will help you cut garlic, carrots and easy to chop, mix food. The garlic chopper will save much time in the kitchen.

Super Sharp 5 Blades
5 super-sharp stainless steel blades are placed at different levels in such a way that they cover the entire height of the chopper, and manage to chop very easily in seconds.

Effective Push Technique
Chopping becomes more convenient with the push of the lever as your entire weight comes into play. Complete chopping your vegetables or whisking your eggs with just a few pushes. Control the size you want with the number of pushes.

Unique Locking
A unique locking system locks the pushing stent and blade in place, when not in use. This enhances safety and also saves space when stored in your kitchen.

Transparent Jar
The transparent jar allows you to see the size of the vegetables inside while they are being chopped. Also see the fluffiness of the eggs or butter as you whisk.

Ergonomic Design
Designed so ergonomically that it looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. Silicone bottom strip gives a firm grip of the slab and prevents slipping. The sleek design makes this product a must have in every kitchen household.

Silicone-supported Base
Twister Push Chopper comes with a silicone ring in the base which provides a grip when kept on your slab. Keep one hand firmly on the chopper as you push with the other.

Multi-utility Chopper
Twister Push Chopper comes with a special whisking attachment which enables whisking of eggs to make your fluffy omlettes. Get freshly homemade cream or yogurt with the help of this special attachment.

Rs. 105.00 + GST

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