AM0332 Handpainted Ceramic Kulhad Cup Coffee & Chai Kullad Tea Cups


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Deodap Handpainted Ceramic Kulhad Cup Coffee & Chai Kullad Tea Cups

  • HANDMADE & AUTHENTIC - One of the highlights of these cups is the distinct earthy flavor that is produced as a result of the clay absorbing some of the liquid that is placed in the cups, like Tea, for instance. Just like it has been done for centuries, this is an Authentic piece of India that is becoming more and more of a popular trend throughout the Globe
  • PRACTICAL CHOICE - The Clay chai cups are made of natural clay and are biodegradable, making them an Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or paper cups. The cups have excellent heat retention properties, which means that the hot drink stays hot for longer periods of time. They can also be used for coffee, hot chocolate, or other hot as well as cold beverages
  • EARTHY DECORATIVE - Handmade and ethically sourced from Artisans right out of the heartland of India, these cups are simple, minimalistic and aesthetically compliment any decor style. Very easy to hand wash with soap and water

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