3197 Aluminium Foil 9 Metre for Food Packing , Wrapping, Storing and Serving


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  • Aluminium Foil Heavy Thick Big Roll for Food Packing 1kg offers Longer Freshness to the Food and it protects the Food’s moistness, Aroma and Flavours of food and keeps food bacteria free for longer.
  • Use this Heavy Thick Aluminium Kitchen Foil to cook small meals, tent roasted meats, cover casseroles, protect leftovers from Burning as this is Freezer Safe & more.
  • BUILT IN CUTTER -- Get the right size piece of Aluminium Foil for Baking or Aluminum Baking Foil every time with the Easy Tear Edge, built right into the package for convenience.
  • COVERS, PACKAGES & STORES—Whether you’re covering pans to avoid messy splatters, wrapping food in a packet for maximum flavor & texture, or simply storing leftovers, Wrap On aluminum wrap does it all. Natural, biodegradable, recyclable, environment friendly.
  • Hygienic & safe aluminium roll - Perfect for cooking, baking and packing of food in your kitchen
Rs. 49.00 + GST

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